What is C++ Used For?

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All we can say is that this programming language’s uses are so massive. It is extensively used among the developers or programmers predominantly in an application domain.

Without further ado, here’s a list of the uses of C++.

  • Applications

New applications heavily rely on C++, including Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator, YouTube, Spotify, and even the leading online marketplace Amazon.com. The best dating reviewing website Dating Inquirer reports that dating apps need C++ to operate. Many of their applications are developed in this programming language, like Adobe’s illustrator.

  • Browsers

Additionally, some of the browsers’ applications are written in C++, which include Mozilla Internet browser Firefox and Google Chrome. Rendering engines ensure a much faster web execution, so users don’t have to wait longer for the content to appear on the screen.

  • Media Access

C++ is used to create a media player as well as manage audio and video files. Winamp Media player is one good example. It features video and audio streaming, art support, and offers easy access to various internet radio stations, etc.

  • Database Software

It’s also possible to write database management software with this language. Postgres and MySQL are two of the most popular databases written in C++.

  • Games

Being close to the hardware, offering procedural programming, and providing multilevelnetworking are among the primary reasons why C++ is a big hit among game development suites and gaming systems.

  • Animation

Simulation, rendering software, and 3D animation is considered as a powerful toolset comprehensively used in creating real-time, image processing, visual effects, etc. – all of which are coded in C++.

  • Graphics

Similar to web browsers, C++ also helps cut down the latency of all graphic applications. Software that implements high-end graphical processing, computer vision, and digital image processing uses it as a backend programming language.

  • Scanning

Applications such as camera scanner and film scanner are developed in this programming language, too. It is usually used for exchanging documents, archiving and publishing contents, and more.

  • Operating Systems

For instance, Symbian mobile operating systems and Internet Explorer are chieflywritten in the C++ language. Similarly, some parts of Apple OS X and iPod have also made use of the language.

  • Libraries

Libraries need superiorcomputations as they involve vast matrice multiplications for the aim of training machine learning modules. This is where C++ also comes to the rescue.

  • Compilers

A pool of compilers also relies on the programming language. These include Bloodshed Dev-C++, MINGW, Clang C++, and Apple C++. It also has assisted in the new language development for special purposes such as Verilog and Java.

  • Enterprise Software

C++ is used in creating several enterprise software, too, even on modern applications, including radar processing and flight simulation.

  • Embedded Systems

Compared to other upper-level programming languages, C++ can offer tons of low-level function calls and is closer tothe hardware level; hence, being used in many embedded systems such as smartwatches.

Other C++ Uses

C++ is used for banking, engineering, and medical applications too. MRI machines are being utilized in advanced medical equipment to script their software, while several core banking systems make use of it as one of the backend programming languages.

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